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Jewelry Expert

Estate & Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry Identification 

If you're not sure if your jewelry is genuine or costume, we can sort through your items to identify them.

About our servies

ALLAN Jewelers has over 100 years of experience and devotion to your jewelry and watch requests. The pre-owned jewelry and watch items have value. We can help you determine what you have and purchase or trade-on those items you would like to sell. We can work with with as little as one piece to entire collections. 

Estate Value

We can provide estate values if you have jewelry, watches and flatware that need to be identified and valued for estates.

Estate vs. Insurance Values

Jewelry and watches have two values. First, Insurance Value is the amount it would cost to replace an item with a new one that matches the description.

Second, Estate Value is the amount you could expect to sell your items for cash without guarantee or warranty. These two values can be very different. We can provide either or both appraisal values. 

Estate and Family 

We can provide estate appraisals for those needing jewelry, watches and flatware for estate or family matters.


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