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Why your white gold ring looks dull!

After time, white gold rings may begin to dull, and scratch. However, this is reversible! See below for more.

(left before, right after)

Backstory: When gold comes out of the ground, it is yellow. The way rose, green and white gold is created, is by adding a color alloy (element) to the the gold to give it the desired color( rose gold uses more copper, etc.) . While your grandmother's white gold ring may have never lost its brightness, white gold rings made currently will. Why? We're not sure. We can assume it may have to do with the way things used to be made back then, and something along the way must have changed the process. But not to fret, as it is a fairly easy fix! The process: First your ring is deeply cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner, which uses jewelry friendly liquid cleaner, a temperature just below a boil and vibrations to remove excess dirt and build up between your prongs and diamonds. We then polish your ring using a wheel and compounds (by hand) to remove any surface scratches and even out the rings texture to a high shine! After another chemical cleaning process, this time using electricity your ring is then ready for the final rhodium bath, which the ring is "dipped" into the rhodium solution. This is why some refer to this as getting their ring "dipped". This is a fairly quick process, we currently offer same day/ 24 hour turn around time, because we can do this in house. Rhodium is currently VERY expensive, while the process may be fairly simple, it still takes time, and the materials to do so are costly. Fortunately, we are able to offer this service for under $100.00 Fun fact: When any jeweler type of work is done on white gold rings (at ALLANS), they automatically are re-rhodiumed and polished! So your jewelry should look close to brand new when finished :)


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