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Diamond Prices are Dashing, not crashing!

As the pandemic continues, we are watching as diamond prices also continue to rise. It should be noted that we are also finding it harder and harder to find what we deem, high quality, natural diamonds. We continue to search, and have opened up our buying to all over the world, importing diamonds from other countries ( always ethical, of course) to give our selves a better chance at finding the right diamonds for our customers. Thankfully, we are able to still find some rare gems, However, even these are becoming few and far between. When we purchase them, we see their price spike up for a similar stone the very next week. Stones we've had in stock for a few years at retail, are now more expensive to buy at COST, then what we have them priced at. We will continue to hunt and sift through the stones until we find the right choices for our customer's. Unfortunately, as it stands now, prices will only continue to rise. If you see a stone you like, it's best to purchase it or at least put a deposit down on it -because it may not be available for long- or even at that price.

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